Thurgood Marshall Movie and a Case of Civil Rights

MARSHALL MOVIE: Is about a case fought by Thurgood Marshall who at the time was the lead attorney for the NAACP. Do you know of him?  Most of us know that he was the first black supreme court justice.  But do you know what freedoms and privileges you enjoy TODAY as a result of his LIFE work as a civil rights attorney and the first black SUPREME COURT JUSTICE?  If you are enrolled in public school or a university, then you are enjoying a freedom that Thurgood Marshall fought for.  Especially if you are an African American.  Not enough has been taught about this man. If, you care about your human rights, you are like him.  Thurgood Marshall was deeply concerned about this matter and fought tirelessly to change laws so that you could share your freedom with all men and women.

Marshall movie was made in the spring of 2017.   Pictured here, on the set of Marshall, I am standing with the parents of Trevon Martin, Sybrina FultonTracy Martin and their civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump.  WHY do you think Trevon Martins parents and civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump have were put at the end of  this story?  They are seen here “in costume” in the fashion of the rural south in 1942.  Their appearance in the film represents how still today there are very serious racial and equal justice issues that we are still being fought.  It is sad to know the story of Joseph Spell in the Marshall movie and to then see the Martin parents and attorney.  Its rather disturbing to know that they have suffered a loss of life and the justice loss for their son Trevon, that justice was not served.  But, I’m hoping that their presence means more. More of a message that we do march on even in the face of our failures.  That we have still have to fight.  And that fight is long. But, we will continue to fight for our children.

Take a minute to think about the history of this country.  The struggle is real.  Have we not gotten anywhere? I wonder sometimes.  There still seems to be many problems that divide us.  Economics and Politics play a huge part in the barriers that keep people from living peacefully and progressing with dignity.