Dressing 1940’S JAZZ Musicians IN MARSHALL MOVIE

Jazz Musicians and Singers of the 1940’s hold a special place in my heart.  Marshall film explores many beautiful aspects of this era.  Not only is it a film about the emergence of the NAACP.  It also centers around one particular case in the life of civil rights attorney, Thurgood Marshall who later went on to become a Supreme Court Justice.

THE LOOK:  Inspired by the days of “Mo’ Better Blues with Spike Lee and Denzel Washington, I’ve collected this look in pictures for a really long time in books and periodicals.  This time with “Marshall”, I discovered the photo collection of “Teenie” Harris, a photographer in the ’40’s who captured 1940’s night life in Philadelphia.  The unique style and swagger of the musicians from Billy Ekstine, Thelonious Monk, Billy Holiday, Fats Waller, Jelly Roll Morton to Charlie Parker is unparalleled.  I love this era of suits, shoulder pads and fit and flare satin dresses!  The women are feminine and the men wear hats.  Men wear dress shoes everyday and women wore seamed hose.  Its a glamours time in clothing.

In a nut shell, 1940s women’s fashion was about creating a certain silhouette: wide padded shoulders, nipped in high waist tops, and A-line skirts that came down to the knee. This was the everyday shape for clothing, from suits to dresses. Even pants had a similar shape. 1940s fashions were all about the hour glass figure with broad shoulders, tiny waists and full hips. If you were not naturally an hour glass shape, the clothes were designed to help you achieve the look.

Let me know what you think of the fashions in Marshall.  It was a lot of fun to do.  Alot of hard work.  But, mostly an amazing crew of professional costumers that loved dressing the era as well.